An Aging-At-Home Consultation Service

Man in retirement home holding orange juice, looking at medicineSafely At Home, LLC meets with the senior citizen in their home and conducts a Home Safety Assessment using Aging-In-Place criteria. We consult with the home resident and any appropriate family member or loved one, either at that time or during a pre-arranged appointment, in person or over the phone. Then through our research and in-home observations we create the Home Solution Plan within five business days and provide our recommendations in person with the senior and their designated interested party. Safely At Home, LLC provides this service for a flat fee of $150 (or $200 if assessing a couple living in the same residence.) If any installation of equipment is necessary, we can recommend a professional handy-man but in most cases, family members or the senior home owner’s preferred handy man are able to implement the Home Solution Plan.

Emergency call pendants are great but that alone is not enough to keep seniors safe. There are many products on the market today and companies offering security or health monitoring systems but there are also many variables to consider when choosing what to buy; such as multi-year contracts, equipment interface with phone/internet providers and product limitations. Safely At Home, LLC helps people make sense of what is available on the market and what is appropriate to their situation, such as safety sensors and remote video monitoring. We help seniors determine what types of security/health monitoring devices they can use so they can continue to live independently at home.

“My father needs his independence but I need to know that he is safe. Safely At Home has allowed me to have a necessary conversation with him and has provided some ideas that were helpful to both of us.”