Safely At Home, LLC was founded by Christina Morrison as a service to help senior citizens age in their own home safely – preventing accidents and crisis.
“I know the concerns of adult children who have parents that are able to take care of themselves, but still want to make sure their mom or dad is safe. All it takes is one fall or accident to start a domino effect of hospital stays, rehab and medical costs. In fact, falls are one of the top four reasons that seniors move into nursing homes.” said Ms. Morrison.
Morrison holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Ball State University and she is a certified Aging-In-Place Specialist, accredited by the National Association of Home Builders. Morrison was CEO of a statewide not-for-profit agency for 23 years in Indiana. Safely At Home, LLC is a registered business in the state of Indiana.
Safely At Home, LLC is not a security or alarm system company – we consider other safety factors that exist independent of door and window security. Safely At Home will recommend available services and equipment on the market without the use of any proprietary or commission-based products to provide appropriate options to the resident.
We serve the Indianapolis area and surrounding counties.

“My mom lives alone and I am two states away. I get worried when I try to get ahold of her for a few hours and she doesn’t answer the phone. I need a way to see if she is okay and Safely At Home, LLC provided the solutions.”
Senior Woman Looking Thoughtful In Chair At Home